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Farm Worker, Poultry Job In Canada – Veldman Poultry Farm Ltd. – 2023

Working on a farm can be a fulfilling and rewarding career path, especially if you have a passion for agriculture and animals. The poultry industry is one of the largest sectors in Canada’s agricultural industry, providing numerous employment opportunities for farm workers. However, finding the right job in this industry can be challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you navigate your way to your dream farm worker, poultry job in Canada.

Farm Worker, Poultry Job In Canada

Job Information

TitleFarm Worker, Poultry
Company NameVeldman Poultry Farm Ltd.
Job TypeFull Time
LocationEmbro, ON

Understanding the Farm Worker, Poultry Job in Canada

Before you begin your job search, it’s important to understand what a farm worker, poultry job in Canada entails. This will help you determine if this is the right career path for you. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Poultry farm workers are responsible for the care and management of chickens, turkeys, and other poultry animals.
  • Daily tasks may include feeding, watering, and cleaning the animals’ living spaces, as well as monitoring their health and behavior.
  • Farm workers must also maintain accurate records of the animals’ care, including feeding schedules, medications, and any health concerns.
  • The job requires physical labor, including standing for long periods, lifting heavy objects, and working in all weather conditions.
  • Poultry farm workers may work in a variety of settings, including hatcheries, breeding farms, and processing plants.

Qualifications and Skills Needed for Farm Worker, Poultry Job in Canada

To be considered for a farm worker, poultry job in Canada, you’ll need to meet certain qualifications and possess specific skills. Here are some of the most important requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Previous experience working on a farm, preferably with poultry animals
  • Knowledge of animal care and management techniques
  • Ability to operate and maintain farm equipment
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
  • Physical stamina and strength

Job Duties:

Poultry farm workers are responsible for the care and maintenance of poultry, including chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Some of the typical job duties include:

  • Feeding and watering poultry
  • Cleaning and maintaining poultry housing and equipment
  • Monitoring poultry health and behavior
  • Collecting and packaging eggs
  • Administering medication and vaccinations as needed
  • Following health and safety guidelines and protocols

Career Advancement Opportunities:

With experience and additional training, poultry farm workers can advance to supervisory positions, such as poultry farm manager or farm supervisor. Other potential career paths in the agriculture industry include:

  • Agricultural technician or technologist
  • Animal breeder
  • Farm equipment mechanic
  • Agronomist
  • Farm owner or operator

Where to Find Farm Worker, Poultry Jobs in Canada

Now that you know what a farm worker, poultry job in Canada entails and what qualifications you’ll need, it’s time to start your job search. Here are some resources to help you find job openings:

  • Government of Canada Job Bank: This website lists job openings for various industries, including agriculture. You can search for poultry farm worker jobs in your area and apply online.
  • This website specializes in agriculture job listings and has a section dedicated to poultry jobs.
  • Local Farming Organizations: Check with your local farming organizations or agriculture associations to see if they have any job openings in the poultry industry.


Working as a poultry farm worker in Canada can be a rewarding career for those with a passion for agriculture and a willingness to work hard. With the right qualifications and a commitment to excellence, there are opportunities for career advancement and growth within the industry.

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